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 A Legend of Ten Stars - Age of Heroes (Discussion)

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A Legend of Ten Stars - Age of Heroes (Discussion) Empty
PostSubject: A Legend of Ten Stars - Age of Heroes (Discussion)   A Legend of Ten Stars - Age of Heroes (Discussion) EmptyTue Jan 24, 2012 12:26 pm

Here you go Xant, all yours to control.
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A Legend of Ten Stars - Age of Heroes (Discussion) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Legend of Ten Stars - Age of Heroes (Discussion)   A Legend of Ten Stars - Age of Heroes (Discussion) EmptyTue Jan 24, 2012 12:30 pm

Name: A Legend of Ten Stars - Age of Heroes

Plot: Settled in an unknown time in the plotline, post Twilight Princess, but Hyrule is still recognizable. Once more Ganonondorf, without his trifoce, returned but this time he did things in grand style, as he tried to take over Hyrule this time with a GIGANTIC ARMY. Somehow things changed as Link was not there nor the new Zelda had her Triforce. In a bid of desperation, the Sages tried to split the Triforce of Courage in Eight Pieces, but this time no Hero arrived.... well, sort of.... slowly slolwy, TEN factions of mercenaries rose, all of them with names of stars

All of them are composed of groups of characters, some of them OCs (we will need to discuss it, as I just said) in particular. In partiicual, though, ALL OF THEM have been taken on aim by a mysterious figure, the Blue Bandit, who also seemed to have commited quite a number of henious acts, worst of them, having attempted to kill the Princess. Of course, nothing guarantees us that the mercenary factions will be good, as some will even have Evil OCs. But there is more, they are all SECRETLY (ie. NOBODY knows it, so don't try to knowlegde-mod it) by the same individual, an OC played by me. Wheter he is good or evil, you will have to see with your eyes. The RP HAS NOT a settled good side or evil side, as, while there is Ganondorf, the main conflict will come from the Mercenary Organizations

Races: All, but the OC, in case they are power of levelling mountains or similar WILL HAVE to be toned down as this is not Naruto. Overall, I will check personally the OC before deciding

Sequel: N/A.... unrelated to any RP

Timeline: NOT RELATED TO MOST RPs. The Forge happened, but not Dimming of Hyrule. Ankoku, Ryan, Konbei and Nuala have already met. Daimus has not happened either


Yep, here we will have the discussion of the plot and everything

First of all, the main characters:

1) Benelith (upcoming character), leader of all the Organizations.

2) A second in command, preferrably Facade (you know, I needed someone morally ambiguous XD)

3) A bodyguard for Benelith. Preferred Personality Described in the RP idea

Now a question:

1) Aldebaran

2) Alpha Centauri

3) Talitha

4) Sirius

5) Rasalas

6) Venus (Okay, not a star, but bear with me)

7) Naos

Cool Zosma

9) Wasat

10) Gacrux

How should we structure them... which one would you like to join? Who should be the leader of which? Aldebaran will be taken by Benelith's bodyguard, the other are free (they are in order of importance and power, btw ^^) So... okay, let's go nuts. From what we planned, the story will start with Ryan (family members are welcome) going to join one of them as they met the real leader, with an explaination of the background of this new Zelda Smile




- SECOND IN COMMAND: Facade, Wielder of the Triforce of Knowledge

- BODYGUARD OF BENELITH: ???????, Wielder of the Triforce of Power [unknown yet], (RPed by Robot Owl)

1) Alpha Centauri: strongest, most expensive and most exclusive guild, captained by Benelith's bodyguard itself. You want to join? You have to be not a man... but a tank.

======= LED BY: ???? (Rped by Robot Owl)

======= MEMBERS: Akuma....

2) Aldebaran: [credit to Theodore Hastings for this, and my apoogies for the mix up ^^''] The holiest and most moral of all the organizations, Aldebaran and its leader, General Donphes, while working for Benelith, supports the sages and their leader: Princess Zelda. If you have too many moral qualms and needs someone to be friends with, go there

======= LED BY: Donphes

======= MEMBERS: Dane, Attics, Apoc

3) Venus: only confederations not to be called after a star. Subtle and sneaky, infiltration, treachery, seduction, poisoning, this is their modus operaandy. This is a place perfect for dark girls.

======= LED BY: ????

======= MEMBERS: ???

4) Sirius: Strict and cruel organization. Dark side suprresed? Knack for the Black Arts? Lady Midnight welcomes you

======= LED BY: Midnight

======= MEMBERS: Gahan, Demios....

5) Naos: a chaotic, more friendly, but demanding organization led by the Taigos after the previous leaders have been killed. Want to have friends to spar with and share chaotic fun? Go here

======= LED BY: Ryan

======= MEMBERS: Emiza, Hakudo, Meduri....

6) Wasat: A mercenerary team focused on reasearch. Magic and technology.... everything to them is possible.. or they try to

======= LED BY: ????

======= MEMBERS: Naoki, Isamu, Dezel, Druunia, Kita, Oichi....

7) Zosma: Chaotic and messy, an organization made for scums and criminal. Keep an eye on that, even if you are a member. Luckily, their stict commander is dangerous to deal with, having killed a lot of her subodinates when they pissed her off. You don't mess with Shini

======= LED BY: Shini Goroshi

======= MEMBERS: Sage.....

Cool Rasalas: Quite a secretive guild. Every member usually fits the archetype of the mysterious, cool guy. Not much is known about them, so. At first the Blue Bandit was thought to be a members of theirs, but such rumor was quickly disproven

======= LED BY: ??????

======= MEMBERS: Phantasm

9) Talitha

10) Gacrux



Ganondorf's foces

LEADER: Ganondorf/Ganon

SERVANTS: Renalé, Shaco




Hyrule's real forces

RULER: Princess Zelda (Played by Luv)


GENERAL: Rausten

OTHER: Ino Zilb


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A Legend of Ten Stars - Age of Heroes (Discussion)
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