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 Never Looking back - Shadow7900

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PostSubject: Never Looking back - Shadow7900   Never Looking back - Shadow7900 EmptyThu Mar 01, 2012 9:12 am

Future reference:

"This" = human speak.

"This" =human thought

-This- = pokemon speak.

-This- = pokemon thought.
Pokemon. Wondrous creatures that have the ability to shoot fire, fly, pour water from there mouths, and just about anything else you can think of. There have been many great trainers throughout the many years the pokemon league has been active. Our story starts with a young boy, rushing to put as many things in his backpack as possible at midnight. This boy would be Deserax Sevecan, living in Newbark town, at the age of 14.

"Kodiak, can you put some of the things in my bag? I need to go down stairs to get the rest of the supplies." said quietly.

Kodiak, the Riolu nodded and started to take the things Deserax laid out and put them in the back pack. Meanwhile, Deserax was slowly creeping down the stairs. As he went further down, the smell of booze and cigarettes smacked him in the face.

"Wake him up, and you can kiss your life good bye!" Deserax thought to himself. You see, Deserax himself was a kind boy, but his father was a different subject all together. Mean, cruel, abusive, and hateful of anything pokemon. It was so hard to always keep Kodiak hidden, but he had managed to do it for about a year. Deserax slowly got onto the ground level and went to the pantry. He looked at the knobs, but saw that they were padlocked.

"Figures..." Deserax said a little to loudly. He instantly regretted it as he heard rustling in his fathers chair. Deserax slowly turned around fearing the worst, but was thankful to see that he had just switched positions. While Deserax was looking at his father, he got an idea. He quietly went back up the stairs to his room and closed his door. He noticed that Kodiak was done putting every thing in the bag.

"Thanks Kodiak, but I need you to do me another favor. I need you to come down stairs with me, and use force palm right on my dads head. That should leave him knocked out, and at best, paralyze him so we can grab the pantry key, get the food we need, and leave here forever. Will you do that for me?

-Riolu!- Kodiak then made a fist in the air.

"Thanks buddy." Deserax then got his backpack on and slowly went downstairs for the lat time, followed by Kodiak. Once downstairs, Kodiak silently crept over to Deserax's father. He pulled a palm back and stored some energy, and then struck the father right in the head. After a few moments of complete silence, Deserax finally got the courage to sneak over and take the key that he always had right next to him. He then quickly went to the pantry, unlocked it and opened it up. Inside, he found chips, booze, and a few cans of food and a manual can opener. He grabbed some of the chips, the cans of food, and the can opener and shoved them in his back, next to the pokemon food. He was about to close the pantry himself, when the door slammed shut on its own. Deserax slowly glanced over and found that it was his father.

"Hello, dearest son." Father said, dripping with sarcasm. "What could we be doing now? Stealing food? Don't you get enough 'milk' from me? Speaking of which, you look hungry." Father slowly started to unfasten his pants. "Get over here and star-"

"NOOOO!" Deserax shouted out of fear. He was on the ground, holding a hand near his face wearing an expression that feared for his life.

"Now now, why did you have to go and do that? If you would have just submitted like the bitch you are, I would've let you go without a beating... Now look what's about to happened." He cracked his fists and went over to Deserax.

"N-no, no! Not again, please! Don't!" Deserax's word fell on deaf ears however as his father picked him up off of the floor, holding him by his shirt. Deserax closed his eyes, expecting pain. His father pulled a fist back,

Kodiak's point of view.

When I realized that master's father was awake, I instinctively hid. After all, Master had taught me to stay hidden when his father was awake. I could hear his father unfastening his pants.

-Not again... Why...- I felt tears starting to stream down my cheeks, and tried my bet to hold them back.

"NOOOO!" I shot my head up with a shocked expression. Deserax knows what happens if he said no. -He said no... Oh no...- I saw him pick up Deserax and draw a fist back.

-No... No.. NO Longer!- I rushed at the man and started to charge up a force palm. I jumped up and hit the center of the mans spine. I heard a crack, and I saw the man fall to the side. From what I could see he was still breathing.

Normal point of view.

Deserax felt himself hit the ground, but a lot less harder then the force that he would normally get thrown. He opened his eyes and and saw his father unconscious on the floor, with Kodiak behind him.

"You... Saved me Kodiak?"

-Ri!- The pokemon said. Deserax then rushed over to Kodiak and grabbed him into a deep hug.

"Thank you... Thank you so much!" Deserax sobbed. His best friend had saved him from a horrible fate. His best friend gave him the chance to start anew. After what felt like forever, Deserax finally stopped crying and looked at Kodiak.

"Kodiak, are you ready to get out of here?" Deserax asked, wiping leftover tears from his eyes.

Kodiak nodded. -More then you know.- He thought to himself. Deserax then went over to were his bag was and put it on. He then grabbed his faithful pokemon and walked toward the front door. He took one look back at the life he was leaving. Leaving all of the pain, suffering, abuse, to start his own chapter in his life. Deserax then bolted out the door, racing to the lab to get registered.
So, how did I do? Please leave a review, but no flames porvavor.
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Never Looking back - Shadow7900
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